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Tested and certified by India's premiere fluid flow testing laboratories and used by leading industries on applications like caustic to acids, pulp to slurries, Sewerage, Hot/Cold/Raw Water, Edible Oil to Milk, Alcohol and other organic compounds, Diesel/Oil and so on!

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Established by a first generation woman entrepreneur, we at MiFLOW manufacture flow meters and other products in the field of flow measurement for past ten years. All products are designed, developed and produced in India. Flow meters are available in size 1/4"NB- 240" NB (5mm-6000mm) size range with a variety of combination options, to meet specific application needs.'MiFlow'Meters are supplied, installed throughout India and abroad on various services.


MiFLOW uses surveys,interviews and observations to conduct a comprehensive audit of every work they undertake.


We identify technology, training, and processes to take your service team to the next level.


Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.


MiFlow monitors key performance Indicators at periodic Intervals, adjusting strategies as needed, to remain Efficient.

Customer testimonials
  • Miflowmeter Systems' product Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow meter MiM900BP is the best EMF available in market. Excellent battery life for a large size flow meter.
    Shivalik Engg. & Mktg.
  • "MiU990" Ultrasonic Flowmeter from "MiFlow" has provided relentless service >4 year, on Raw Water service.
    Flowmac Engg. Corpn.
  • We are happy to declare that "Miflowmeter Systems" product MiM900BP Battery powered Electromagnetic Full Bore Flow meter has provided reliable/relentless service past 26 months with GSM SMS data. The only one we have seen to perform par expectation!
    Astonish Engineering